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C-Store Fit Outs

We partner with you to create a great C-store fit-out that will increase your sales. You benefit from our expert knowledge from over 30 years' experience with some of  the  world's  most  recognizable  C-store  brands.  We  understand  how  to influence  your  customers'  purchasing  decisions  through  compelling  food  and drink display, intelligent customer flow and maximizing purchasing hot spots.

We  make  it  easy  from  beginning  to  end,  offering  design,  manufacturing, installation  and  ongoing  support.  Our  design  and  manufacturing  teams  work with you to address your specific C-store needs, and we continue to maintain and support our fit-out after installation. Our quick response time and ongoing cost efficiencies  save  you  money,  and  round-the-clock  support  and  cabinet monitoring means we back you up every step of the way.

What Our Customers Say ( Mouse over text to pause )

  • FPG is an innovative company with a passion for the highest quality and performance, with a culture of continuous improvement
    Gavin Walker - Director of Equipment – McDonalds
    [Asia, Pacific, Middle East, Africa]

  • The way food is presented and kept fresh is important in our industry. Our FPG cabinets keep food in prime condition for longer, looking great and reducing our waste. Knowing the cabinets meet international compliance offers peace of mind
    Pierre Poyet - Food Beverage Manager Skyline Queenstown

  • Couplands Bakeries New Zealand retail chain runs over 80 inline 5000 series cabinets. FPG’s new technology and build has helped us reduce maintenance and repair costs while accelerating our sales & merchandising capability. FPG cabinets are a key component of our overall offer
    Couplands Operations

  • BP New Zealand Wild Bean Cafe fits all stores with trusted FPG equipment. Partnering with us for over 14 years, FPG has provided us leading edge merchandising units. Our results from FPG skills and technologies are greater sales and better cost of life from our plant
    Marcus Manning - Asset Manager BP New Zealand

  • FPG has helped us equip over 100 United Café Up Stores through our national retail network. FPG’s units successfully display our wide range of merchandise while adding to the wow factor of the United in-store experience
    Mark Harris , National Merchandise Manager - United Petroleum